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Who Do You Want To Become?

Your streak should be rooted in who you want to become. This will help you pick a streak that will add value to your life.

Law #1

Make It Laughably Simple

Design your streak so that on your hardest day, you still keep it going.


If you do this, you'll be thanking yourself later.

Law #2

No Record, No Streak.

Keeping track of your streak will build confidence and self credibility and is proof that you are growing every day. 


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Law #3

Join The Streaking Community

The Streaking community is all about CELEBRATION and we want to celebrate you!

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Make a meal plan every week
81 weeks

"My husband and I wanted to be smarter with our money and found that if we didn't have a meal plan or food at home we would just go out to eat. We have saved THOUSANDS from keeping this streak alive."

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Read at least one paragraph every day
603 days

"Reading is not a strong suit of mine but I wanted that to change so I set a streak to read at least one paragraph from a book every day. For the first time in my life, I feel confident when reading. Don't underestimate the power of consecutively doing a laughably simple activity!" 

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Do at least 10 situps every day
387 days

"A few years ago I started the streak of doing at least 10 sit-ups a day so that I could have a baseline of physical activity. I've had times when I was working out regularly or training for a triathlon where 10 sit-ups was just a warm-up. I've also had times where I've been busy with work and other activities where I only do 10 sit-ups each day. I like the flexibility of streaking so that I can maintain physical activity regardless of my current life schedule."

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Learn or practice a digital marketing principle every day
660 days

"Digital Marketing is always changing and I don't want to fall behind in my profession so I set this streak to make sure I am always up to date. From this streak, I have received countless certifications and awards that have propelled me in my career. Streaking is really a life hack."  

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Real People. Real Streaks.

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