A Streaking Business: Project Life

Because the streaking methodology has so recently been articulated, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of its benefits in all the areas of life. However, the principles of streaking are best practices that many are already employing without using the vocabulary. With this month’s theme of professional streaking, we wanted to highlight a business who we thought embodied the ideas of streaking. This business is Becky Higgins’ Project Life.

Project Life is a documenting business that provides solutions for bringing stories and

photos together. Their products are physical and digital. Becky describes the purpose of Project Life as follows: “We exist to inspire others to choose the stories they want to tell through intentional living and documenting…we specialize in offering inspiration and tools to help you be less overwhelmed in your documenting efforts.”[1] Their tagline is Cultivate a Good Life and Record It.

In their efforts to make recording the events of your life more accessible, Project Life

follows rule number one of Streaking: Make it Laughably Simple. Because everyone’s version of Laughably Simple is different, Project Life provides numerous methods for documentation. They have digital layouts for organizing pictures and adding texts. They have physical pages and page protectors for printing out what you are documenting. They also have an app which puts the power of detailing your life right in your fingertips.

Becky Higgins and the staff at Project Life would whole heartedly agree with the second law of Streaking: No Record, No Streak. The whole objective of Project Life is to make and leave a record. Their tagline is Cultivate a Good Life and Record It. Part of intentionally creating your life is reviewing and recording the events that make it up.

Creating a community is also an important aspect of business at Project Life. They have an Instagram account called Project Life Pages where picture and text layout created by members of the Project Life community are shared and celebrated. Becky Higgins and her friend Becky Proudfit have also created a podcast called Cultivate a Good Life. Becky described their reasonings for the podcast in an Instagram post: “It comes back to connection….We feel more connected to our personal goals, our purpose, our faith…and certainly we feel more connected with you.”[2]

A final reason why we think Project Life embodies the ideas of Streaking is the fact that Becky Higgins has a streak herself. For years, Becky has done a daily review of the pictures in camera roll and then shared, deleted, or edited the pictures from that day. In sharing this idea, Becky encouraged her followers to find their own flow, but to use a daily format to keep from getting overwhelmed. That is one of the purposes of Streaking! Small actions on a consistent basis to protect from the overwhelm of life. The principles of Streaking are great for people and businesses. How would Streaking benefit your life?

[1] Becky Higgins, “About the Brand,”, accessed April 19, 2021 [2] Beckyhigginsllc, Instagram post April 12, 2021

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