Amazing Opportunities From Laughably Small Streaks

I participate in a team streak with two other colleagues. The streak is to connect with at least one new person on LinkedIn daily. There are so many amazing people who do such wonderful work, my colleagues and I wanted to ensure we were consciously connecting with someone new every day.

This streak is 105 days old and counting. When I started the streak I would click on connect with a person LinkedIn suggested I might know. After a week or two, rather than just click on connect I would scan their profile, write a note to the potential connection of why I thought connecting would be a good idea and send it off. One day, after another three to four weeks had passed by of sending invitations to people with whom I would like to connect, I was inspired by a comment someone had made to one of my connection’s posts. I thought to myself, “I would like to see more of that person’s posts or comments.” So I sent them a request to connect with a note of how their comment inspired me.

This is where the story steps up a notch! Not two hours, after I sent that note to connect, the person sent me a message and said, “Not only would I like to connect on LinkedIn, but I would like to meet with you over zoom.” I thought, “sure, why not?” We set an appointment to meet online Friday at 2:30pm and we did.

After customary pleasantries my new connection said, “I was intrigued by your request to connect and I wanted to learn your story.” Immediately I was drawn in to the conversation and I wanted to learn his story as well and I was blown away by what he shared. Over the course of an hour, I learned that he was part of a highly credible international organization aimed at eliminating poverty through teaching entrepreneurship online. He shared with me the vision of what could be and then asked if I would like to contribute, not money, but knowledge and time to teach people in developing countries the power of consistency in starting and growing a business.

After discussing further details, the conversation ended with a commitment to connect in a month to further discuss how we might continue to contribute to each other’s work. I clicked on “leave meeting” and sat back in my chair musing on this singular moment. I sat motionless, amazed at what just transpired and what the opportunity might entail for the future. Then it hit me, all of this was the result of keeping a laughably small streak of making at least one new connection daily.

The power of Streaking has continued to delight and surprise me. My wife will often say it’s the how to all the what’s. I wish I had the words to describe my astonishment of how laughably small activities done daily, weekly, or monthly, change you at a core level. How it displaces less valuable activities with highly valuable activities that fill your life with meaning and purpose. We have learned that if you want to change the world you start with a streak. It is the small simple steps that keep you climbing to who you want to be.

Keep Streakin’,


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