Become a Streaking Sales Professional

Of every attribute a successful sales professional possesses there is one above all that will predict year over year success – consistency. A sales professional who consistently contacts at least one new potential client daily will perpetually build pipeline. A sales professional that consistently practices at least one sales skill daily will increase close velocity. A sales professional that reviews at least one account plan weekly will have among the highest retention rate.

Countless studies in sales have shown that consistently calling, contacting, closing, no matter what method, will exponentially increase the success a sales person has. A consistent sales professional is credible. A consistent sales professional is trusted. A consistent sales professional is dependable. Clients and potential clients value the consistent sales professional.

Knowing that consistency is so valuable does not mean that every sales professional values it. Why? When it is known that consistency brings sales success and client loyalty, what prevents the sales professional from employing it? Because sales leaders and professionals focus on the wrong metric. They focus on the output not the input.

“Inputs aren’t sexy.” Says Ozan Varol in his book “Think Like a Rocket Scientist” he continues, “The word input might be better reserved for a boring database software. But an input-focused mind is the mark of anyone who has achieved anything extraordinary.”

An “input-focused” person will achieve extraordinary results. Ozan writes what a person needs to do, be input focused, Streaking gives you the how to do it.

Streaking is how you focus on the inputs.

We invite you to do the following stack of streaks to become a sales professional that consistently delivers results. You will be amazed how these streaks make a massive difference in your results. (By the way you can download Streaking at the Apple App Store or Google Play to enter this stack of streaks.)

Sales Stack Name: Successful Sales Professional

Streak 1: Invite at least one person to connect on LinkedIn daily.

Streak 2: Review at least one sales skill daily.

Streak 3: Send to at least one client, weekly, a piece of information they will value

When you focus on the inputs the outputs will follow. The other thing that focusing on inputs does is help you avoid the massive mode swings that come in sales. Ozan writes, “Focusing on inputs has another upside. You avoid the wild swings of misery and euphoria that come with chasing outcomes. Instead, you become curious—no, fascinated—about tweaking and perfecting the inputs.”

Become a trusted, credible, dependable sales professional, who clients turn to first, by focusing on the inputs. Or, put another way, become a Streaking Sales Professional.

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