Creating Your Own Luck Through Streaking

Have you ever looked at someone who seemed to have it all and thought, “Wow! They are so lucky!”? We have a tendency to see high performers as having something we don’t have and we often label that thing as luck. Maybe it makes us feel better to think the reason they are so good at what they do is a mystical entity to which we don’t have access. While we never fully control the cards that are dealt to us in life, we can increase our odds for success. There are several ways we can strive to stack the deck in our favor and streaking helps with all of them.

One way to bring more opportunity into our lives is to increase and improve our connections. The more people we interact with, the more new ideas and situations we encounter. Then greater possibilities to participate in those new ideas follow. By casting a wide net for the people we encounter, we increase the odds that at least one of them will also be interested in what we are excited about. Consider the following streaks to improve your connections:

· At least once a week, email or message a new potential connection.

· Follow up on a previous conversation at least twice a month.

· Arrange a face to face meeting with a friend or contact at least once a month.

Another way to increase our luck is to try and learn new things. If we are stuck in the same routine day in and day out, the ability to perform at high levels will diminish. Learning a new skill fundamentally changes your brain and opens your eyes to a new way of seeing things. Trying something outside of your comfort zone will also introduce you to new people and therefore more opportunities. Try one of these streaks to encourage yourself to learn new things:

· Take a free e-course or webinar at least once a month.

· At least once a week, research a skill you would like to develop.

· Reach out to someone who does something you would like to learn at least once a month.

One of the very best ways to bring more fortune into our lives is by having a positive mindset. An outlook that sees potential in the occurrences of life is one that will invite more possibilities. It’s not a natural thing to see the opportunity in the trial or failure, but those who are able to do this find more of what others call luck. They take the chances they are given and work with them in order to succeed. These streaks can help increase a positive mindset:

· At least once a day, write down something for which you are grateful.

· Practice reframing a negative thought in to a positive thought at least twice a week.

· Have a conversation with someone you admire as a positive thinker at least once a week.

Author and salesman Coleman Cox said the following in the 1920s, “I’m a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.” We can increase the luck we have in our lives through cultivating more connections, learning new things, and developing a positive mindset. Streaking is the best tool for intentionally bringing all of those skills into your life.

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