Find Your Vein of Gold

Updated: Mar 11

In 1848 and ‘49 people rushed to California because the shout of “There’s gold in them there hills,” was sounded across the country. By the hundreds of thousands, people flocked in to try their luck at finding gold. Those that arrived early found gold in streams and rivers, the late commers started mining.

What was common among all the seekers of fortune was the need for a shovel. The shovel was the everyday tool used to dig the dirt, move the rock, and find the gold. There was no one looking for gold who didn’t have a shovel.

In life you will have the opportunity to uncover and discover veins of gold. The question is how do you find them? What tool do you use? To find gold in a book, you must read books. To find gold in a personal or professional development course you must use what you learned. To apply the concepts from a trusted coach you must do the behaviors.

What, then, is the shovel to uncover this gold? Streaking.

Recently a streaker in the Streaking app social media page said this in relation to his streak of “Read at least one paragraph in a nonfiction book every day.” 604 days and counting, “This month I finished two books. Want to know the last time I finished two books in a month? NEVER! Streaking, for me, is a great way to explore things your thinking you may be interested in. Turns out, I love reading (or listening). Here’s my next book, ‘The Power of When’ by Michael Breaus, PhD.”

Another streaker wrote this in the social media section of the Streaking app about starting a streak suggested by her coach, “I have given birth to five very large babies…my last clocking in at a whopping 12lbs! I have been working to rehabilitate my core, however it’s taken me a long time to commit to a streak. But, thanks to a recent coach and her program, I have the perfect streak!”

And yet one more streaker wrote this in the social media section of the Streaking app about his streak to “Create, Post, Edit or Consume Personal Development Content every day.” – 46 days and counting, “I love [consuming] good personal development: Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey and so many more have influenced my life for good! I love to teach what I learn because as Stephen Covey says, “When you teach something you learn it twice!”

Notice in each case the streak is the shovel to the vein of gold. The gold of professional, personal, physical and spiritual development.

Keep Streakin’,


Streaking is the most powerful social media app for personal and professional development. It is completely free to use to track your streaks, celebrate with other streakers, and cheer everyone on to success. I invite you to download Streaking today.

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