How Do You Stack Up?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Have you heard the idiom "stack up against?" According to Idioms by the Free Dictionary, this idiom is about "comparing the worth or power of something. This term comes from poker

and alludes to how one player's chips, representing money, compare to another's. The higher the stack in front of a player, the more money he or she has."

Comparing ourselves to, or seeing how we stack up against, someone else, is something most of us do. In the comparison we either judge ourselves

as ahead or behind that person. Typically the comparison is with someone in your same professional or personal circle. Comparisons can motivate and inspire you to change, improve, or excel. They can also cause doubt, discouragement, and defeat. In the end any comparison to another human is a bad way to judge your progress or decline. Comparing yourself to someone else is an incomplete one sided affair that will stunt your growth.

However, comparing who you are with who you want to be is a great comparison. Identifying and writing an aspirational be statement such as "I want to be a creative problem solver," or "I want to be a dynamic leader who inspires others," or "I want to be a stellar musician" or "I want to be a world class engineer," or "I want to be a sought after sales professional," or "I want to be a great investor," and then seeing how you stack up against who you want to be, will give you great insight and deeper understanding about your growth. To grow toward who you want to be you must do, consistently, actions and behaviors that are aligned with your be statement.

Consider, for example, a person who wants to be a great investor. What would they do consistently to be a great investor? Might they look at someone who is a great investor, and see what they do to be a great investor? What are the daily, weekly or monthly actions they do consistently? What is their stack of streaks?

A stack of streaks is the three or four things you do consistently that align with who you want to be. After writing your be statement, "I want to be a great investor." You may have a stack of streaks like the following:

"Review at least one investment daily"

"Read at least one article from an investor weekly"

"Evaluate at least one company daily"

"Ask an investor at least one question weekly"

"Move at least [A Sum of Money] to an investment account monthly"

Or how about a stack of streaks to support being a sought after sales professional:

"Practice at least one sales skill daily"

"Read at least one paragraph of a sales book daily"

"Review or create at least one sales skill development card daily"

"Ask for feedback from a peer or client at least one time weekly"

"Contact at least one new person weekly"

So how do you stack up against who you want to be? What streak stacks do you have that will keep you growing to become that person? The great part about all of this, is no matter who you are, through Streaking, you can become who you want to be!

Keep Streakin',

Jeff & Jami

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