How to Start Streaking

The best thing about creating a personal winning streak is that it is so easy to get started. That is one of the aspects of streaking that makes it work so well. The barriers to entry are very, very low. There is no equipment or fancy material to purchase; you really just need you. Let the following tips help you to get going on your streaking journey:

First, choose what you want your streak to be about. Are you working to be more healthy or to have a better relationship with your family? Or maybe you would like to bring a hobby more intentionally into your life or strengthen a skill you have lost in the busyness of your current season. It helps to have your first streak be something that you are already doing, but that is not as consistent as you would like or that you haven’t been tracking.

Next, write your streak. Make sure that your streak is simple, so simple that is makes people laugh. This is the magic ingredient that makes streaking work. A good check for if your streak is simple enough is to ask yourself the question: Could I complete this action if everyone in my home, including myself, had the stomach flu? Also include the phrase “at least”. This signals to your brain that the simple streak is the floor to build from and gives yourself permission to do more on days that you have the capacity.

Then decide how you will keep a record of your streak. Without a record, the streak does not exist. There is power in know exactly how many times in a row you have completed your streak. This is what helps propel the streak forward and gives you credibility with others and with yourself. The Streaking App is an amazing platform designed especially for keeping track of streaks. Download it for free here

Finally, tell other people what you are doing. Create or join a community around your streak. This does help you feel more accountable to your streaking commitment, but even more than that, your community is for celebration and collaboration. A group of people that supports your efforts to be a better you is a powerful tool. The community of streakers found in the Streaking App is an amazing and inspiring resource.

After you’ve gotten started with one, you will see ways that you can use streaking in all the areas of your life. Be sure to give your streaks time to get settled before you pick up another. We know this is hard because streaking is so exciting! But we recommend between 75 to 100 days before starting new streaks. So, what are you waiting for?! Get started on your personal winning streak today.

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