I Didn't Want to Be an Author

Today, "Streaking: The Simple Practice of Conscious Consistent Actions That Create Life-Changing Results" was realeased. Being completely transparent and honest, I didn’t want to be an author, seriously, I didn’t. When we started Streaking and Jeff suggested we write a book together, I was not excited about it. First, I didn’t like writing. Second, I didn’t feel that I could communicate as well as so many other wonderful women out there who I respect and admire. Third, I didn’t feel up to the task.

Why, then, did I choose to write a book with Jeff? Because Streaking has done for me in my life what seemed highly improbable and sometimes impossibly out of reach. It’s that simple. I wanted to share the story of how Streaking helped me and is continuing to help me become who I truly want to be. I decided to write Streaking because I thought that maybe there are other women, like me, that have guilt as a persistent companion, insecurity talking in your ear, and confidence, the far off friend, that sometimes pays a visit.

I wanted to write and share my experience with Streaking because it has helped me change at a core level. Where I used to feel constant guilt, I now feel steady satisfaction; where I felt regret, I now feel relief; where I felt powerless, I now feel powerful. I feel that time is on my side rather than against me. Streaking has given me a framework to consciously become who I want to be. It causes me to think differently, see differently, and therefore behave differently. I see and feel that I am winning every day.

Writing my Streaking journey in a book that will be out there for anyone to read was a difficult decision. I still question whether it was the right one; however, if there is one person out there who picks up the book, reads it, and finds what I have found, then it was totally worth it.

Keep Streakin’,


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