Let’s Decide to be Great

Lately I have been surprised at how much people underestimate their own greatness. How they get side tracked from the path of greatness by meaningless moments of high emotion, or urgent matters that matter very little. I have seen people climbing the hill of greatness to reach a plateau that they thought or convinced themselves was the peak of greatness and so stay, build a house, plant a garden, and miss the true peak of greatness. I have also seen people place limits on greatness through unbelief. They either don’t believe they can be great, or they don’t believe the process to become great. And just to be clear, I speak of “others” but I am quick to see these limiting behaviors and beliefs in myself.

Let’s decide today to not limit ourselves or allow ourselves to be stopped in our pursuit of greatness. Let’s decide to believe that we can be great. Let’s decide to believe in the process to become great. Let’s decide today to keep climbing past plateaus masquerading as peaks of greatness. Let’s decide today to not let the flash in the pan of emotion become a raging fire that burns the path of greatness. Let’s decide today to intentionally consistently and consecutively do what will make us great because it matters, it matters very much!

Keep Streakin’,


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