Leveling Down

Recently I decided to reduce the amount I was doing for one of my streaks. What I decided to downgrade, isn’t as important as what I learned from the reduction.

Law #1 in streaking is to make it laughably simple. The activity you choose to streak is so simple there is no reason not to do it. You are activating the consistency continuum for improvement rather than ratcheting up the intensity. To some this might be a difficult deal, to others a “chickening out“ from doing hard things, and to others dismissed as too small to make any difference.

Here’s the deal, a streak is a floor on which you stand. It is not a limit nor an accomplishment. A streak is a consistent action in line with who you want to be.

I was talking with a person who was challenging the premise of a making a streak laughably simple, “aren’t you setting a minimum standard and then giving yourself an award because you kept the minimum standard consecutively?”

A streak is not a minimum standard,” I replied,”a streak is not even a standard, it is the activity you will do no matter what your day holds, no matter how heavy the rain fell on your parade. A streak is a solid, level, floor on which you stand. Sometimes you will reach for a goal while standing on that floor, other times you will climb some stairs, but floor will always be the floor.”

In professional, personal, physical, or spiritual pursuits the small consistent, consecutive activity will deliver many more results than the great goal done every once in awhile. So when you start thinking, “I should level up,” take a deep breath and recognize that you don’t level up a floor, you stand firmly on it.

When I made the quantity of my streak less, I accomplished more because my focus was on the input, not the output.

Keep Streakin’,

Jeffery J. Downs

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