Massive Productivity through Simple Activity

A research study was done on the productivity of academic writers and the findings were staggering. Basically, those who were most productive did three things:

1. Wrote every day

2. Recorded that they wrote

3. Shared with others that they wrote

How much more productive were those who did these three things than those who did not? The study found that those who wrote every day and logged it were 4 times more productive than those who simply wrote every day. Those who wrote every day, recorded that they wrote, and shared that they wrote with others were 9 times more productive. NINE TIMES more productive! That is massive productivity jump simply by recording that you wrote and sharing, not necessarily what you wrote, just that you did!

This study is another confirmation of our research and study of Streaking. The laws of Streaking, when followed, will increase your productivity. What are the laws?

Law 1: Make It Laughably Simple

Law 2: No Record, No Streak

Law 3: Create a Community

Being productive doesn’t require greater intensity it requires greater consecutive consistency. When you string together a consecutive number of days where you have completed at least a little, it equals a lot. You will be amazed at how much you are able to produce by doing the seemingly small over time. Following are a couple of examples from my own streaking journey:

For 1,749 days and counting, I have read at least one paragraph in a non-fiction book. In that time, I have read more than 115 books or approximately 23 books a year. Which, compared to my previous productivity of book reading of about 9 books a year, is a massive improvement.

For 1,751 days and counting I have written at least one sentence for a book, article or letter. In that time I have written 249 letters, 154 articles, published one book and have written half the manuscript for another book. When compared to my pre-streak productivity of no articles, a few letters, and no books is a massive improvement, I think greater than 9.

There are many more areas of my life where I have increased productivity by employing the laws of Streaking. I invite you to give it a try. And by the way, you don’t have to stop at a little, you can continue to more, but you always keep it laughably simple so that your amazing productivity has a floor on which to stand as reach for who you want to be.

Keep Streakin’,


PS. A great big thank you to streaker Danny Call, currently pursuing his PhD, whose streak of reading at least one paragraph from a professional journal daily has lead to many great streaking discoveries. What he shared with me and I wrote in the above article came from a book he is reading called “Becoming an Academic Writer” by Patricia Goodson.

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