Streaking and Children

Streaking is not just a program for adults; it has wonderful benefits for children as well. The beauty of streaking is that it is infinitely customizable. The three laws of streaking (making your streak laughably simple, keeping a record, and building a community) can easily by followed by children to create opportunities for personal growth in their lives starting at very young ages. Here are some reasons why streaking is so great for kids and some tips to help it work.

Children like to win just as much as adults do. Just watch a school playground or play a round of Uno with a child. I think this is why participation trophies have become so popular: everyone wants to win. When a child starts and keeps a streak, they are winning every day. These small wins stack to make bigger wins and create real character traits that children can come to rely on.

Children also like to feel like they have control over things in their lives because so much is out of their control. When a child has the opportunity to design their own streak, they make a choice to have control over that aspect of their life. Streaking provides children with opportunities to decide what type of person they want to be and construct achievable actions that help them get there. While everything else in their day feels dictated by someone else, a streak that a child has created themselves will

be a choice they can control.

Here are some tips to help streaking with children be successful:

1-Help the children create a streak that will be doable for them, but be sure that it is their streak and not one that you are forcing on them.

2-A good starter streak is based around something that children already do pretty regularly such as brushing teeth, making beds, reading. Then move to things that your child would like to implement more steadily.

3-Remember that your child’s level of laughably simple is not the same as yours. Your child should be able to accomplish the streak even if they are sick or at grandma’s house.

4-Make recording the streak something fun. My son said that he didn’t mind doing his streak, it was filling in his streak sheet that he hated. Once we found a more fun way to keep a record, that was no longer a problem. Kids love to use the Streaking app or fun streak sheets that can be found at .

After my husband and I discovered the power streaking brought into our lives, we wanted our four children to be able to experience it as well. We started with a family streak and then helped our kids to establish their own streaks. It is thrilling to watch them stack small wins and take control over certain areas of their lives.

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