Streaking as a Musician

When I was first introduced to streaking, I knew I wanted to include a streak that would help me with the aspect of my life dedicated to music. I participated in choirs and played the piano all through high school, studied music education in college, and have taught piano lessons for the majority of my married life. I recognize that there are all types of musicians, ranging from master to beginner. There are musicians who dedicate the majority of their lives to music and those who can only spare a little time. No matter what level of musician you are, streaking can help you grow and refine your talent. That’s the wonder of streaking, it works on all levels! Here are some streaking ideas broken down for different types of musicians.


When you are first starting out learning an instrument, it can feel overwhelming. Music is a foreign language! If this is your level, the best thing to do is to break it down. Streaking is an extremely effective tool for this. Consistently focusing on small parts of what you are learning brings steady, achievable growth. As your ability grows, your confidence will grow and you will be ready to take on more.

Streak ideas:

· Play at least one measure of a song daily

· Review at least one note name daily

· Listen to at least one song you are working on weekly

Intermediate, but short on time:

Musicians in this category have a talent for music, but life is not currently allowing them to dedicate large amounts of time to practice. I find myself in this category. I don’t want to lose my skills and streaking is helping me to be sure that doesn’t happen. Consistency is huge in not losing the ground you have already won. If you are like me, streaks can help you find time in your day to set aside for music.

Streak ideas:

· Turn on, pull out, or sit at your instrument daily or a few days a week

· Read at least one measure of music daily

· Open a music app daily


These are the musicians that do not find it hard to have time for music because it is a major part of their lives. Perhaps these are dedicated artists who create a livelihood from their talent. If this where you find yourself, streaking is a great tool for you as well. Refining your skill involves deciding exactly what kind of musician you would like to be. Create a be statement and streaks that help you achieve that purpose.

Streak ideas:

· Read an affirmation daily

· Repeat your be statement daily

· Check in with a trusted mentor weekly

If you are an aspiring musician or a seasoned one, streaking is a useful tool for making sure you are on the path to becoming the artist you would like to be. The achievable, consistent actions you create from streaking will help you see sustained growth. Best of all, this growth will be in the direction you want it to be.

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