Streaking in the Classroom

Public education around the world looks incredibly different then it ever has before. Students are learning in modified classrooms, at home, and over the internet. With how much change has taken place, it can be easy to lose our bearings and feel trepidation about what is to come. No matter what the educational circumstances are for you, streaking is a tool that will help you feel anchored with steady growth and a focus on the things that are important to you.

Many of the situations that we find ourselves in related to education are put upon us by someone else. While we have the opportunity to make choices, the options we have to choose from are limited. This feeling of a loss of control can lead to high levels of stress. To combat this stress, we can focus on things that we do have control over. Streaking is a powerful tool to help refocus. While we may not be able to control what our local government mandates, we can set daily, consistent choices that we have complete control over.

The schooling environment and schedule look different for so many. Things are being thrown at us that require immediate and more prolonged attention. In this whirlwind of obligations, our personal growth can be put on the back burner. Streaking helps in this area as well. The laughably simple streaks we set are the floor we stand on in order to not lose sight of the areas of growth that are so important to us. We may not have hours to work out, but we can at least do ten sit-ups a day. We may not be able to commit to hours of a continuing education course, but we can read at least one sentence for personal growth. Our streaks make it so that personal growth does not have to suffer in times of unusual transformation.

So how do streaks work in the classroom? Really, however you want! That is the beauty of streaking; it is endlessly adaptable. You could set personal streaks that relate to your classroom or streaks that include your students or colleagues. First take time to identify what you want yourself or your class/team to be and then brainstorm streaks to help you get there. Here are some ideas to help get your brain flowing for how streaking could benefit you and your classroom, whatever it looks like right now.


· Write one sentence in a class journal daily

· Open your planner daily

· Identify one positive quality about one student/teammate daily

· Repeat specific affirmations daily

· Observe another teacher weekly

· Write one thing you have done well weekly


· Read at least one sentence together daily

· Repeat specific affirmations daily

· Straighten desk/study area weekly

· Express gratitude for one thing daily

· Check homework journal or planner daily

· Tell another teacher/administrator/school employee thank you weekly

The educational situation will continue to evolve and change in ways that we can never really plan for. This can be exciting or intimidating. With streaking as a tool, we can take back a small measure of control and be sure that our personal growth doesn’t suffer.

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