Streaking My Spiritual Life

Six years ago I had an awakening to the power of consecutive consistency that we, my wife and I, called Streaking. This power was brought to life through recognizing its ability to help in our physical life. Keeping our physical body fit and strong was important to fuel the other pursuits we had in life. What I haven’t talked of much is the very next set of streaks I set after the original running and flossing streaks. They were and are the streaks that are the floor of my spiritual life.

Recently on a bus traveling on rough roads through the jungles of Costa Rica my daughter, Lily, asked me what were the defining spiritual moments of my life? Why did I choose to follow Christ and live a life that was disciplined after his teachings? I told her about my life’s journey, which like the road on which we were traveling, bounced and jolted me one way and another. Growing up I did not have extreme external conditions that caused me to seek for a better way of living. Or the dramatic death of a parent, sibling, or friend that was a catalyst to greater faith. I had an ordinary life with the common bouncing and jolting most children and teenagers experience.

What I did have was extra ordinary parents, teachers, and preachers who helped me see, hear, and feel who I could be if I disciplined my life and followed Christ. If I decided to devote myself to being one of his disciples through obedience to what he taught. From what they taught I had spiritual experiences that furthered my faith and increased my devotion.

Fast forward from teenage years to six years ago and I found myself bored with my faith. I had read the scriptures many times and extracted many great truths which governed my interactions personally and professionally. I had benefitted immensely from truths that Christ taught and knew that increased devotion would yield even greater blessings; however, I found that my now my devotion was plateaued. I needed and wanted something to be the catalyst of another spiritual climb, a climb that would be life long and endure, not one that would be a flash in the pan and fade. Enter Streaking.

On the same day that I had the epiphany, that to maintain healthy teeth I could set a streak to floss my teeth, I also felt the prompting to set a streak to read at least one verse of scripture daily, that was 2,165 days ago. This streak of almost six years has become the floor of my continued climb up the spiritual ladder. From that floor I have reached new heights of appreciation and understanding. From that floor I have added additional streaks such as:

Serve at least one other person daily – 1,308 days and counting

Pray with all energy of heart for charity at least one time daily – 973 days and counting

Write at least one gospel insight daily – 1,035 days and counting

Write at least one sentence of my be statement daily – 1,517 days and counting

Each one of these streaks has added to my spiritual life and given me expanded spiritual experiences. Following the laws of Streaking which are:

Law #1: Make it Laughably Simple

Law #2: No Record, No Streak

Law #3: Create a Community

I have established a rhythm to my spiritual life that has sounded consecutively and consistently in my ears to keep me moving even when the environment or emotion beckons me to stop. The spiritual streaks of my life are the foundation of success in every other area of my life, socially, professionally, intellectually, and physically.

When talking with a group of college students recently about Streaking I encouraged them to start their Streaking journey with a spiritual streak. A spiritual streak will set your life in a positive direction. Taking time every day to have at least one moment of devotion will keep your life pointed to who you can become. It will give you the ability to see opportunities that you would otherwise miss.

Alma, a prophet and government leader, was giving his son, Helaman, a charge to keep the record of the people, to write and record what was happening for future generations to read. There must have been a moment when Helaman doubted or questioned why such a thing was so important when no one in their day would read this record, to which Alma responded with these immortal words:

“Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise. (The Book of Mormon, Alma 37:6)”

You may consider doing a laughably small activity consistently and consecutively as foolish, but that small activity through time will compound to a spiritual grand canyon of faith, increase the success of your life, and keep you climbing the ladder to who you ultimately can become.

Keep Streakin’,


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