Streaking Solves Wasteful Spending

Recently I was listening to a podcast where the hosts talked about why people buy things they don’t ever use. One of the hosts mentioned how he has a full pantry of Quinoa that he has never touched. The other host explained how she had purchased workout equipment for her home and that she has yet to use it. Have you done this? Have you ever purchased healthy food from the grocery store only to let it go bad?

Humans do this because, consciously or unconsciously, we believe that what we purchase reflects who we are or who we want to become. If we aspire to be healthy we purchase healthy food (like quinoa) or workout equipment. If we want to be smart we decide to purchase books. If we want to be a great graphic designer we purchase a monthly subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. This list goes on and on.

It doesn’t stop with products though. We choose specific brands over others because they align more with our values. If you choose Target over Walmart and Nike over Adidas it says something about you and what you believe. The brands you choose to shop from embody the person you strive to be. If you purchase Great Value over name brand products, it probably means you are a frugal shopper and you care about saving money.

Similarly to aspirational consumerism, Streaking is rooted in becoming the person you want to be. However, Streaking is solution to never wasting another dime on a purchase ever again!

I want to be someone who is knowledgable about many things and 53 days ago I decided I wanted to learn how to code and design basic websites. This lead me to researching different apps and websites that would help me learn the basics of coding. After my research I decided to go with an app that I could use daily. However, the app costed $76 for a yearly subscription. Usually this would have turned me away immediately. In the past I have had the problem of purchasing yearly subscriptions to apps and then never using them. This time, however, was different. I decided to set a streak around opening this app daily and because I set a streak around it, I knew that I would get my money’s worth. I have now opened my coding app everyday for the past 53 days and have already passed the HTML Course. Streaking has forever changed how I approach learning and how I avoid wasteful spending.

If you buy a subscription to a meditating app, set a streak around using that app. If you purchase books to become more knowledgeable, set a streak to read at least one paragraph daily. Streaking is the tool that will help you become the person you are striving to become. We know you are capable of becoming the person you aspire to be and as you set one streak after the next, you will get there.

Keep Streaking!

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