Streams and Swamps

Why is it important to keep a streak going when in the middle of massive change? Can’t we just stop for a time the writing of a sentence or the reading of a paragraph? Is it critical to keep doing and recording laughably small activities when the whirlwind of life is occupied by the disruption of a cross country move, or the celebration of a new baby being born, or the memorial of a loved one’s death?

When you step in the water of a clear stream, where your foot lands disrupts the settled soil causing it to pollute the water. How is that cloud of dirt cleared? By clear clean moving water. When a stream is stagnant it becomes a swamp.

In life we will have massive moments of disruption that stir up the soil in the stream of who we are aspiring to be. Consistent input is the clear clean moving water that displaces cloudy water keeping us from stagnating into a swamp.

Keep Streakin’


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