The Activity Matrix

As I listened to the instructor teach about the time matrix my mind drifted to my current streaks. As I thought about my current streaks I realized that every single streak was a quadrant 2 activity – reading at least one paragraph in a non-fiction book daily; writing at least one sentence for a book, article, or letter daily; connecting with at least one of my children daily; reading at least one verse of scripture daily; Spend one on one time with my wife at least one time weekly; Invite at least one new person to connect daily; Complete at least ten pushups daily; Run or walk at least one mile six days weekly.

As I continued thinking about the time matrix, I had another thought come to mind. “The time matrix is really not about time, it’s about activity which is why streaking is so powerful.” Let me explain it this way, some days there are many activities in quadrant 1, they are urgent activities that require immediate attention and take time. On other days there are fewer quadrant 1 activities that take time and therefore I can spend more time on quadrant 2 activities. On yet other days quadrant 3 or 4 activities get the best of me and time spent swells in one or both of those quadrants.

Then another thought hit me, “The time matrix is divided into four equal quadrants and that is correct when measuring time because we all have 24hrs in a day no more no less; however, time is not what I am measuring, I am measuring activity which makes those quadrants dynamic, they swell and shrink day to day; which is why I streak!”

Some days Q1 activities are through the roof, sick child or children, crisis at work, rainstorm or blizzard, big deal ready to close, etc. and time spent on q2 activities is very little but because I am Streaking, I always, and I do mean always, do quadrant two activities. Other days I am lazy, and I want to binge watch a season of a certain show or do a movie marathon but before doing either of those Q3 or Q4 activities, I complete my streaks, and many times find that what was going to be a large amount of time spent on lazy activities becomes a large amount of time spent on Q2 activities.

So why does streaking work? What is it about streaking that allows you to every day do Q2 activities? It’s all about Law #1: Make it Laughably Simple. Notice that each of the streaks I mention in the first paragraph are laughably simple. No matter what Q1 activities storm my day, I can always do the laughably simple streak. No matter how appealing Q3 and Q4 activities are, my streaks are so laughably simple I can prod myself to do them before indulging in the movie marathon or pull myself out of the scrolling social media trance.

Many times I have been asked, “how do you have time to do all your streaks?” My response, “Streaks are not about time, they are about activity and every day I am doing the activities that keep me moving toward who I want to be.”

Keep Streakin',


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