The Growth Muscle

Recently I had a conversation with a streaker who said, “I have been trying to start a lot of streaks at once and when I get to 9 or 10 days I lose the streak. As I thought about it, I decided that I was trying to do too many streaks at once. I am going to start one streak and do that for a long time before I start another.”

Streaking is about building your consecutive muscle and that takes time to build. This streaker recognized that the consecutive muscle was not sufficiently strong to support several streaks at once and so reduced one. When Jami and I started streaking we did one streak for 300 days before starting another. Why? Well at the time we had no idea why, but looking back we realized that we needed that time to build our consecutive muscle.

The consecutive muscle is one that is not commonly discussed. Usually, focus is on the output, productivity, or achievement muscle. Those are the sexy muscles! Those are the ones you see in pictures or on the top 10, 30, or 500 lists. But without the consecutive muscle none of those other muscles exist.

Of all the muscle’s in your body, which one would you call consecutive? Biceps? Triceps? Pectorals? Abs? No. Those are the sexy muscles. The consecutive muscle of the body is the heart. Your heart beats every second of every day of every week of every month of every year. The heart is the Streaking muscle of your body. It is the foundation for every other muscle, organ, and cell. Without the consecutive beat of the heart, you are in serious trouble.

So how do you build your consecutive muscle? Follow the laws of Streaking. Starting with the first – Make it Laughably Simple. This is so critical. Why? Because you are not aiming to lift a 1,000 pounds one time, you are aiming to lift at least 1 pound a 1,000 times in a row thus strengthening your consecutive muscle. You are not aiming to write a single book, you are aiming to be a writer thus writing at least one sentence every day again building your consecutive muscle. You are not aiming to lead a single expedition, you are aiming to be a leader, thus reading at least one article every week on leadership. You are not aiming to sing one song, you are aiming to be a singer thus you sing at least one note daily. You are not aiming be healthy for a week, you are aiming to be healthy for a lifetime thus you take at least one vitamin every day.

I have heard many times people say, after hearing the first law of streaking, “well you certainly are setting the bar low.” Every time I respond, “It’s not a bar, it’s the floor.” To reach for a bar you need a floor on which to stand. If you can’t stand on a floor you can’t reach for a bar. (Sorry for switching metaphors for just a moment I’ll get back to the muscle metaphor now) When building your consecutive muscle you need to build it using a laughably simple activity. You will notice that there are many times where you will do more than the laughably simple activity, write more than one sentence, read more than one paragraph, and that is the bonus to building your consecutive muscle your actual output increases; however, you need to keep the focus on being consecutive. Got it? Good!

The second law of Streaking – No Record, No Streak is the fuel you feed your consecutive muscle. Without a record your consecutive muscle starves and dies. With a record it gets stronger. Every day you see that you have written at least a sentence, read at least a paragraph, taken at least one vitamin, reviewed at least one digital marketing principle, opened the MasterClass app at least once, your consecutive muscle grows stronger. You will feel it get stronger and when you do you will say to yourself, “I can actually do this and I can do it with so many other activities in my life, what do I want to try next.”

The third law of Streaking is the one that will send chills down your spine and keep a smile on your face it is the law of community – Create or Join a Community. When building your consecutive muscle having a community to cheer you on is a double shot of caffeine. The feeling that courses through your body is exhilarating. When you see people cheer you for keeping your streak alive of writing at least one sentence every day you get excited to do it again. When you hit milestones like 7, 10, 31, 60, 100 days and the streaking crowd goes wild your toothy grin is great big.

Streaking is how you build your consecutive muscle. Your consecutive muscle is the heart of your personal growth.

Keep Streakin’,


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