The Process of Writing “Streaking”

This week, the book we started writing three years ago was released to the world through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBooks, and That seems a little melodramatic, “released to the world,” however, that is the case. Whether people in the world will decide that it is worth buying and reading is a completely different conversation. As we look back on the journey we are amazed at the series of divinely orchestrated intersections making the publishing of Streaking possible.

Words do not adequately describe the feelings and emotions of researching and writing a book. We remember sending the early manuscripts to trusted friends and family members who through pained smiles and forced words said, “it has potential.” The concept, Streaking, was good, but the first draft of the written story was, well, plain bad.

Fast forward another ten drafts of the manuscript and this time before sending it out to trusted family members and friends, we sent it to Kinkos to be printed and bound and then read it as if it was a book we picked off the shelf at the book store. We couldn’t get through three chapters.

Of this manuscript Jami said, “After reading the first three chapters, I couldn’t read anymore. I thought, ‘what are we doing thinking we could write a book?’ I took the copy I had and without telling Jeff, I put it in the bottom dresser drawer, the junk drawer, and buried under a stack of odds and ends hoping no one, even me, would ever find the manuscript again.” Needless to say we sent that draft to no one!

Eventually we recovered from the disappointing tenth draft and started again. And when we say started again, we mean scrap the manuscript completely and start fresh. Another five drafts later we felt that the book was in good shape so we muscled up the courage to send it to people just outside of our circle of trusted family and friends. The feedback we received this time was encouraging. The story was starting to come together. The Streaking journey was beginning to take shape in a way that other people might understand and appreciate.

It was about this time that a divine intersection was orchestrated. Jeff was doing a consulting engagement for a large worldwide company. He was working with a professor from a university, Mark Colgate. Mark was intrigued with the Streaking methodology and asked if Jeff had thought about publishers for the book. He said that he had a few contacts when Mark suggested PageTwo publishers, who incidentally had published Mark’s book. Jeff said that he would be interested in talking to them.

Six months and another three drafts later, we were introduced to Trena White, principal and co-founder, of page two. Our first meeting with Trena was unconventional. We were on a road trip in our big black van we call “The Black Pearl.” Trena and her companions at PageTwo, seeing the seats of the van through the camera of our online meeting, were less than impressed, and we are sure thought, “are these two serious? Are they traveling in the van or do they live out of it?”

Graciously she and her companions after reading a few chapters of our 15th draft took us on as authors. It was a special chill filled moment when Trena said, “we love our authors and are excited to be working with you.” Hearing the word “author” come from her mouth was surreal. A moment that we will not soon forget.

Guided by our expert editor at PageTwo, Kendra, we wrote another seven drafts of the book. Her wisdom and knowledge was invaluable. Her ability to see what we were trying to say and suggest exactly the right words or the rearrange the paragraphs in exactly the right way was amazing. We will be forever grateful for Kendra, Trena, and all the people at PageTwo who made what was a dream become a reality. If ever you have a desire to publish a book, PageTwo is the place to do it.

The process of writing a book is a soul stretching, exhilarating, roller coaster ride of emotions. What saw us through every day, other than all the people who we admire and respect pulling for us, was the streak of, “write at least one sentence daily.” Without the streak and the divinely orchestrated intersections, the book is not written. “Streaking” the book is a testament of the power of streaking.

Oh, and one more thing, sometimes after accomplishing something that took a long time or was emotionally or physically intense, we would take a few days, weeks, or months off; however, to keep a streak alive, and by the way, a streak wants to live, you keep streaking. So after the great big project is complete, or you’ve summited the gargantuan mountain, or the book is published and released, you wake up the next day and keep the streak of “writing at least one sentence daily” because it is laughably simple to do and so satisfying to continue winning every day.

Keep Streakin’,

Jeff & Jami

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