Three “Crush Your Goal” Tips that Work Every Time

Whatever goal you pursue you can crush it every time if you follow these three simple rules:

1. Choose only one. One goal, one goal only please. For every goal over one, double your failure rate. If you have 10 goals it is 100X more likely you will fail at all of them. A goal requires a high level of focus and energy. If you have more than one goal at a time you diffuse your energy across all of them thus eliminating the critical mass moment that will crush your goal, you dilute your focus so significantly that you accomplish nothing.

Consider the sun. It’s rays light and warm the earth. Get yourself a magnifying glass and focus the sun’s rays and you can start a fire – or burn ants. Focused rays of sunlight are powerful. When you focus on one goal you are powerful.

2. Choose two streaks to get your one goal. For example, your goal is to increase the number of referrals you get from clients. Your two streaks are as follows:

Streak 1: Ask for at least one introduction from a client every day.

Streak 2: Write at least one reason every day your clients would want to introduce you to someone they know.

Streaks are your input for the output of your goal. When you reach your goal you keep streaking because it’s not only about the goal it is about the behavior you have to get the goal. When you start a streak you commit to keeping the activity alive as long as possible. Goals help you focus on what you want to do or become streaks are what get you there.

3. Share your streaks. Sharing your streaks gives your colleagues an opportunity to celebrate your success. In fact, if they have similar streaks you celebrate together your success. Sharing your streaks also provides some competition to see who can keep their streak alive the longest. The motivating moment of a streak is when you realize the streak is securing your success.

Goals are finish lines and deadlines. You get to a certain finish line by a certain deadline. Streaks are forever, or for as long as you want or need to keep it alive. The goal may be the catalyst to the new and improved you, but the streak sustains you, lifts you, and gives you a floor on which to stand when the ugly storms of life rise up against you and seek to strike you down.

Follow the three rules above and your goal success is secure. Don’t follow the rules and find yourself floundering and failing. One more important point, when you choose your one goal, don’t make it so hard there is no way you can win or you don’t know when you’ve won. For example, when you set a “goal” to be more kind, there is no way to measure the win. How do you know when you have arrived at kindness? You don’t. So do yourself a huge favor and only set goals you can measure.

Keep Streakin’,


PS If you do want to be more kind, there’s a streak for that, “Smile at least one time every day at another person.”

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