Tools to Become the GOAT

You may have seen news recently or watched a game and heard about a guy named Tom Brady. Who is Tom Brady? Just the undisputed greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time! This article isn’t about arguing details of wins, teams, competition, or other stats. Tom Brady is one of the oldest playing quarterbacks in NFL history! This is a deeper insight into a few things that have made him great and allowed him to play at the highest level this long into a career.

Much has been written about Tom Brady and we know that he is very methodical. He regularly uses goals to perform great accomplishments[1]. He has routines, including diet, fitness, and even sleep routines that help him prepare and recover both physically and mentally[2]. He also has habits that require little or no conscious effort during the actual activity, like how he grips the football when throwing[3] or how he ties his cleats.

Interestingly enough, there isn’t much commentary about another tool in Tom Brady’s performance toolbox. Tom Brady uses streaks. Streaks are simple, consistent actions to become the person someone wants to be. He uses these to keep his brain mentally sharp and his memory at peak performance. One example is the simple action of playing a specific brain focused game every day on an iPad or laptop. One article describes a game like this: “Twelve birds flash on the screen, one with dark wings, and you have to click on the quadrant of the screen where the dark-winged bird was located when the birds disappear. Brady cycles through 29 games that train attention, memory, brain speed, navigation, people skills and intelligence.”[4]

This simple streak has a direct correlation with his success so far in a game that is so mentally rigorous. As one article points out, the ability to play at the highest level requires not just physical ability, but also mental acuity. Tom Brady’s daily brain challenging streak[5] allows him to compete at his current level. Again, streaking is the consistency of small actions that create life-changing results.

Tom Brady uses goals, routines, habits, and streaks to help develop and remain in peak condition to win a record 7th Super Bowl ring. Where do streaks fit in your efforts to become the GOAT?

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