What is the Work of Streaking?

Our Streaking team broached a conversation that deserves words in a blog. The debate emerged from a post we were considering to our social media network. Following was the proposed post:




Law #1 of Streaking is – Make it Laughably Simple. When you are choosing to streak an activity, to ensure success, you make the activity laughably simple. For example, “review at least one vocabulary word daily.” Where the debate gained energy was around the word “easy,” is a streak easy to do? Half of us said yes, the other half said no.

The yes crowd argued completing the activity was easy because it was simple to do. The no crowd said that, though the activity was simple, it was not easy to complete it day after day. Through much conversation we recognized that we were talking about two different things.

The yes crowd was talking about the activity to complete.

The no crowd was talking about being consistent.

The work of streaking is in the consistency not in the daily activity to complete. Your effort is spent in consecutive consistency. Day in, day out, you complete the activity and see how long you keep it alive. This is the work of Streaking.

With the understanding that the work of Streaking is in the consecutive consistency, we changed the post to:

The activity on which you choose to streak will never be automatic. It will always require conscious consistent effort or work. Which is why when you set up a streak, you want to point it directly at who you want to be because it requires work and knowing why you are doing a daily, weekly, or monthly activity will add to your motivation to keep the streak alive.

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