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In the early days of researching streaking, I had an interview with Mark Washburne who is president of the United States Streak Running Association. Something he said in the interview has stuck with me ever since and most recently during some crazy days, "when you have a streak, the question changes from 'if' to 'when.'"

For the last month we have been preparing to move from Georgia to Colorado. If you have moved, you know how disruptive it is. Every day is different and what was in a drawer, cabinet, or room the day before is now in a bag, box, or blanket being moved.


our home the kitchen table has been replaced with a folding table and camp chairs. Every bed has been replaced with an air mattress. The living, dining, and family rooms are now empty rooms. What was routine is now chaotic.

When chaos reigns and routines are disrupted, growth is ground to a halt, unless you have a streak. Unlike a routine, a streak is agnostic to environmental changes. When your environment changes and you have built your growth on routines, like a moved plant, you go into shock and progress halts. However, when you build your growth on streaks your environment can change completely and you will continue to grow.

Why? Why is a streak impervious to the pandemonium of a move? Because your brain is not spending needless energy on deciding IF you will do the activity, instead it is seeking for WHEN in the day you will do the activity. This what I love about Streaking, no matter the situation or circumstance I can always streak. My personal progress is not halted and self-credibility is strengthened because I can keep commitments to myself even on the most disruptive days.

Of course, following the laws of streaking is critical to making a streak successful.

Law #1: Make It Laughably Simple

Law #2: No Record, No Streak

Law #3: Create a Community

These governing laws will give your streaks power to persevere in the face of wild wind. The activities you purposely decided to do, to become who you consciously decided to be will not be disrupted by a raging storm. You will prevail and provide for yourself good soil in which you can grow deep roots.

In the turbulent days ahead I’m sure there will be many where I start and finish with the laughably simple activity; however, I’m equally sure I won’t be asking IF, I’ll be asking WHEN.

Keep Streakin’,


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