Why Streak?

On March 23, 2015 we started Streaking by running or walking at least one mile six days a week. It is hard to believe that was almost six years ago. From that beginning to uncovering the laws of streaking and discovering what following those laws have done for us personally and professionally has been an amazing journey.

It is hard to describe in words just how profoundly following, Law #1: doing laughably small activities daily; Law #2 keeping a record that you did it; Law #3: sharing it in a community, can change your life. As we look back over the last six years and see not only our growth, but also the growth of others who have used the laws of streaking we are amazed.

Fellow streakers share with us fantastic stories of how they were able to fill journals by writing at least one sentence daily where before they were barely able to write a page. Or how by playing at least one chord on the guitar daily, they were able to learn multiple songs in months, when before they barely learned one song in a year. Or how by reviewing at least one professional concept daily, they were able to qualify for certificates and promotions in months that would have taken a year or longer. Or how they were able to learn new methods of communication or negotiation by reviewing at least one communication concept daily, when before they could barely remember the class or workshop.

The most enjoyable conversations are when people declare in utter surprise, ”I can’t believe that Streaking actually works!” They then go on to talk about all the new discoveries they have made about themselves and what they discovered they are capable of doing. They talk about how fulfilling it is to see growth in their own life and also the growth in their relationship with others.

Why streak? Because for too long we have been deceived by thinking that good growth behaviors and actions would become habit and never have. We have learned that the habit umbrella has hid streaks in its shadow. Many activities and behaviors are called habits but are not habits at all, nor will they ever be. Habits are how you do something without consciously thinking about it. How you fold your arms, cross your legs or tie your shoes. Habits are useful and important in our lives, but they are not streaks.

Why is this important to know? Because if you think that good growth activities or behaviors become habit, or automatic, you will be disappointed, like the ships that were lured by the siren’s song only to crash into the rocks of disappointment.

Why streak? Because it is the mechanism that will bridge the gap between who you are and who you ultimately want to be. If you aren’t a streaker yet, we invite you to suspend your disbelief and try. You will be amazed at the profound change it will make in your life.

Keep Streakin’,

Jeff & Jami

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