Why You Should Step On A Scale Every Day

For some, the title of this article may seem like the worst idea in the history of ideas. But what if I told you that stepping on the scale every single day will not only help you lose weight but also keep it off?

I currently have the streak to read at least a paragraph from a non-fiction book every day and am on day 618.

The book I am currently reading is, “The Power of When” by Michael Breus, PhD.

Dr. Breus explains, “weight can fluctuate three to five pounds in a single day, depending on what you consume, whether you have a bowel movement, and whether you exercised.”

From the research conducted by Dr. Michael Breus, he disagrees with weight loss experts who recommend only weighing yourself 3 times per week. For many people, stepping on the scale is a daunting task that can often lead to negative self-talk. However, he explains that “weighing yourself daily [helps you] get used to seeing the number, [then] the number itself will become just a data point not a measure of your worth.”

Healthy Foods

The University of Minnesota/Cornell conducted a two-year study of 162 overweight adults to determine if self-weighing and tracking daily would alone result in weight loss. The adults in the study lost an average of about 5% of their body weight during year one and actually kept off the weight in year two.

David Levitsky, PhD, was cited in the Cornell Chronicle saying that his method “forces you to be aware of the connection between your eating and your weight. We think the scale works as a priming mechanism, making you conscious of food and enabling you to make choices that are consistent with your weight.”

Another interesting find in a study completed at Brown University was that when “the subjects who weighed in daily and told their support people (either online or in-person) how they were doing had an 82 percent reduced risk of re-gain.

Does that sound familiar? The Three Laws of Streaking!

Law 1: Make It Laughably Simple - Step on a scale daily

Law 2: No Record, No Streak - Record your new streak on the Streaking app

Law 3: Create/Join a community - Post about your streak and accomplishments on Streaking

By setting this streak and adhering to these laws you will drastically increase the chances of weight loss and actually keep it off. In fact, I just started this streak today.

Day 1, complete!

How to Weigh Yourself According to Michael Breus, PhD

Weighing yourself after exercising or after a heavy dinner is not the time to be weighing yourself if you want accurate results. It is recommended that you weigh yourself right after waking up, on an empty stomach, fully naked, and after going to the restroom. Doing this will give you the most accurate weight.

“Scale Phobia”

531 days ago I had the fear of looking at my own bank account. I just would rather spend money and pretend I had enough and convince myself that looking wasn’t necessary. Sounds backward, right? It’s especially backward when considering that I deeply wanted to be someone who made financially smart decisions.

So, 531 days ago, I set a streak to “Look at or record at least one financial transaction daily.” I forced myself every day to open my banking app to track my spending and be aware of how much money I had and where it was going.

I no longer have “bank account phobia.”

If you might be afraid to step on the scale and look at that number but you want to be physically fit/healthy, setting a streak to combat that might be exactly what you need.

If you want to follow me and see all my streaks, follow me on the Streaking app @talandavid

To learn more about how to set up successful streaks, get the Streaking book.

Good luck and Keep Streaking!

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